City Hall, City of Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Message from the Mayor & Council

It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to the City of Brantford’s careers site. If you are considering a career with the City of Brantford, there couldn’t be a better time in our City’s history to be part of our talented team. This past year was transformative for our City and we can look back at our achievements with certainty that before us we can see even greater, grander promise. We should, all of us, be filled with optimism about our present progress and future prosperity. Last year we launched the Community’s new Strategic Plan “Shaping Our Future 2014-2018.” Based on the collective voices of City Council, City staff, residents and community leaders, the plan highlights specific actions the City will take to enhance economic vitality and innovation, ensure a high quality of life and caring for all citizens, manage growth and environmental leadership and maintain excellence in governance and municipal management.

With an ambitious vision, exciting new initiatives and passionate community partners, Brantford continues to make great strides in shaping our City into one that is increasingly vibrant, innovative, inclusive, and sustainable.

Population, employment and economic growth are all on the rise. This past year we continued to demonstrate our success in attracting and retaining foreign investors, a direct result of the community’s key competitive advantages: strategic location, access to large urban markets, a progressive labor force, robust infrastructure, favorable real estate values and a pro-business local government.

Collectively we are fostering a vibrant and liveable City. The Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre, Kiwanis Field, Laurier Brantford YMCA and the future North of Shellard Sports/Recreation Complex are a few examples that shine a light on the character of the City. Equally important, these amenities and public spaces tell potential investors and job creators looking to locate here that we put a premium on quality of life as a City.

As we turn the page on a transformative new chapter, we look forward to making Brantford a smarter, healthier, safer city, where residents appreciate and enjoy Brantford as a city of choice to live, work, and play.

Mayor Chris Friel

Brantford City Council 2014 - 2018

The City of Brantford is governed by an 11 member elected Council who serve a four-year term. Brantford City Council is made up of10 ward councillors plus the mayor. The current Brantford City Council was elected on October 27, 2014.

The decision making process at the City of Brantford involves a series of committees that report to City Council. Committees propose, review and debate policies and recommendations before they are proposed at City Council meetings for debate.

In an effort to ensure citizens are engaged and have an ongoing opportunity to interact with Council, residents are invited to appear before Council or Committees as individuals or a group delegation to speak to a subject matter regarding items related to a specific meeting agenda.

Brantford City Council
Back Row, standing from left to right: Ward 5 Councillor David Neumann, Ward 2 Councillor John Sless, Ward 1 Councillor Larry Kings, Ward 2 Councillor John Utley, Ward 1 Councillor Rick Weaver, Ward 5 Councillor Greg Martin, Ward 4 Councillor Richard Carpenter, Ward 5 Councillor Brian Van Tilborg

Front Row, sitting from left to right: Ward 5 Councillor Dan McCreary, Mayor Chris Friel, Ward 5 Councillor Cheryl Antoski